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George R.R. Martin

$100.00 / On Sale

15x20 inches
watercolor graphite on paper

I could go all into this stuff about how medieval europe was actually a barbaric place and how that makes so much fantasy literature an absurd farce but you've heard all of that already. There were of course already some pretty deconstructive works of fantasy before the song of ice and fire was sung. But no one went as big as George. Game of Thrones is insane. Sometimes it seems that it's pushed the intersection of art, entertainment, and the internet to it's absolute human limit. But Game of Thrones doesn't care about your feelings. If you like Game of Thrones you don't really want it to care about your feelings. When good things start happening to good people you'll often find yourself annoyed. All George cares about is your expectations- building them up and obliterating them. You can sing his praises or you can rail against him, but you're just another fool adding wood to the fire. - Johnnie JungleGuts